Indoor Range

An indoor range with launch monitor session will include:


-50 minutes of range time.

-Use of an Ernest Sports 14 launch monitor, which provides the following data points Ball Speed, Spin Rate, Launch Angle, Smash Factor, Club Speed, Distance. 

-Use of the Ernest Sports Golf App.

-Use of a Bluetooth speaker and music of your choice.

-A full report of your range session including every shot hit. (emailed)


Cost: $27.50

Hybrid Range

A Hybrid Range session combines private personal training and indoor range time.  The first 20 minutes of your session will be with John Foelber, TPI level 2 certified fitness professional and owner of Renewed Strength LLC.  John will guide you through golf specific mobility and stability training that will prepare you for your remaining 30 minute indoor range session. 


Your range session will include everything that a regular indoor range session offers.

Cost $47.50