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Renewed Strength’s 2024 post season golf fitness class catches Maryland golfers mid-way through their fall season in early October and carries them through till late December.  The post-season portion of a golfer’s training cycle focuses on mobility, injury rehab and muscular endurance.   Participants will address nagging injuries, mobility imbalances and gain a base level of muscular endurance in a group setting. 

This will be offered in the fall of 2024.

Post-Season Golf Fitness
Off-Season Golf Fitness

Renewed Strength’s 2024 Off-Season Golf Fitness Class is a 4-month in-person class guiding golfers through a traditional off-season and pre-season golf fitness training progression.  Participants will get stronger more coordinated and powerful.  

The 60 minute class will be held every Thursday at 6:15pm from January 11 through April 25.    

This offering is being converted to a seminar/workshop style offering.  For more details email

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