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I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with me over the last two years.  When I first came to you, I had some real issues with my lower back and really could not swing a golf club.  Your help, along with my consistent yoga sessions, has really helped me get back to playing golf and lowering my handicap to a 9 from a 14.  What I really like is your expertise on the muscle groups and how you have strengthened those groups to make me stronger.  Your ability to push when needed and back off to not get hurt is what has made me a much stronger individual.  I really want to thank you for your expertise and your dedication for making me feel better day in and day out and allow me to do what I want in my daily life.  

Neil age 63

Since training with John, I have lost shoulder pain that I have had since grade school, gained increased mobility, lost weight, and started hitting the ball farther than I ever have!  Without question I would recommend training with John to anyone of any age.

Don age 65

I never realized how specialized seasonal training programs could effect my golf game.  John and my golf pro have been able to collaborate and develop a specific program geared around my competitive tournaments. 

Eric age 45

I am happy to provide an unconditional endorsement of personal trainer John Foelber and his utilization of the TPI program. I have been through 3 assessments with John for TPI over the course of the past 12 months. John’s personal assessments have created customized TPI programs which have been very easy to implement and follow. Having each new program available through my smart phone has enabled me to keep up with the program whenever I travel. The videos that accompany the program provide a very clear and understandable explanation of each exercise. John is always available for consultation whether in person or virtually. My results have been very positive. I have realized significant increase in my overall core strength, flexibility, strength and a clear separation in the lower and upper body movements in the golf swing. I have realized a noticeable increase in the consistency of my golf swing.

Mike age 57

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