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Will to Prepare to Win

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my clients that stood out to me. Very specifically, he said that everyone has the “Will to Win,” but what is more important, yet under-appreciated, is the “Will to Prepare to Win”.

Winning could mean coming in first place in a competition or accomplishing a personal goal.

Think about it, have you ever been in a competitive environment where you did not want to win or set a goal that you did not really want to accomplish? Would you be satisfied with finishing middle of the pack or getting just halfway towards a personal goal? Everyone wants to win or succeed no matter the situation. Even if you don’t believe this, assume it’s true and let’s look at two major things that affect the difference between success and failure: innate ability and preparation. Everyone has God-given abilities that are unique and help set us apart from each other, these abilities are given to us, we did nothing to earn them. This is where the “will to prepare to win” comes into the winning equation.

You cannot change anything about your God-given abilities, you’ve got what you’ve got. It’s what you do with it that makes a difference. Anyone with a lot of talent can get away with sub-par preparation and still perform adequately, while someone with lesser natural talent has to prepare and work extremely hard to be competitive or successful. Without the "Will to Prepare to Win," neither will achieve their full potential.

Whether you are blessed with innate ability, or don’t quite have as much as your competition, realize that your potential is only as high as how hard you work and your “Will to Prepare to Win”.

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